Favorite Food: Chinese Food!

I decided to take the challenge on The Daily Post at WordPress.com: Just Do It! I’ll keep on posting things for the next 1 week, this is the third day. :)

I’ve now been suffering from flu and cough for several days. As any other sick person, it gets quite tricky to feed myself. Meals don’t seem to raise my appetite, while in fact, I basically need more nutrition. Thus I come to think that maybe it’s time for me to eat something I really want, and to my surprise, Chinese Food is the answer.

According to Wikipedia, Chinese cuisine has a lot of overseas variations, where the style of the food is adapted to local tastes and ingredients. Obviously, my favorite goes to Chinese Indonesian cuisine. Maybe it’s because I have Chinese blood running inside my vein. There’s just something inevitably good about enjoying these savory rich dishes when I have to endure no-sleep-tonight exam days. Simply speaking, it brightens up the mood. Who could resist Sapo Tahu in a cold rainy day drowned under engineering books? 😀

Sapo Tahu

Another favorite of mine is Black Pepper Beef, but this one is a subject of compromise. So-so Chinese Food sellers cannot make good black pepper beef, so this often becomes my criteria of judgment. Of course, my mother makes it best ❤

Black Pepper Beef = “Sapi Lada Hitam”

I also love sweet-and-sour food. I have an ulcer sickness so I often take some precautions before ordering this kind of food, but most of the times it’s okay. Sweet and Sour Chicken is my favorite. Chicken Pineapple with sprinkles of chilli is also great.

Sweet and Sour Chicken

There are other variations of Indonesian Chinese cuisine that I like, but for now those three are my most favorite. Aah I guess I’m definitely going to ask mom to cook for me today.

Have a merry berry holiday, everyone! 🙂

Author: mfaradina

An Indonesian. A reliable realist outside yet a romantic dreamer at heart.

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