One of Those College Days

I decided to take the challenge on The Daily Post at Just Do It! I’ll keep on posting things for the next 1 week, this is the fourth day. :)

Hi! I actually have no real idea on what to write today, but in the spirit of continuing the challenge, I’ll write nevertheless 😀

Today in the morning I had a quite pushing urge to eat Chinese food. Remember my last post? I did actually beg mom to cook for me, and she did! She was quite reluctant at first, but I guess I’m such a good daughter that she really couldn’t resist the request! 😀 So she made me Sweet and Sour Chicken plus a bowl of Cap cai with mushroom. Yummy! One of a child’s utmost happiness is when she’s able to eat her mother’s cooking that is made with pure love ❤

Please welcome... dum dum dum :D
Please welcome… dum dum dum 😀

At around lunch time, I went to campus. Yes yes I know it’s holiday, but I still have some things to do. I started by submitting my Internship Report. Phew, finally! I had to submit two reports: General Report and Special Task Report. My special task for the internship was about “Performance Evaluation of Recycle Gas Compressor K-5601 in High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Plant”. IMHO, my task is a bit more mechanical engineering than chemical engineering. I put a lot of mechanical engineering books in the reference section, I discussed with my friends from mechanical engineering background, and I went to my campus’ mechanical engineering department’s library to find appropriate books. In the discussion section, I tried to combine different terms from two different worlds: “…mixture of hydrocarbons bla bla… some solids in the composition bla bla.. can cause internal recirculation where the piston head cannot accommodate the flow… so the bearings must be bla bla…”. Anyway, I can’t say that I’m not glad having this type of task. After all, this compressor thingy made me learned about subjects outside my own major, but the basic premises and calculations were still based on chemical engineering design. So I did earn the advantage of multidisciplinary approach. Yay for that, compressor! Say hello to my baby report ❤

(One of) My Internship Report
(One of) My Internship Report(s)

Some time after that, I went to Center for Energy Policy to do my responsibility as lecturer’s assistant for Industrial Waste Management course. Revised and gave scores for hundreds of exam sheets, but as what it has always been, I was given free lunch. The lecturers for this course have been very generous in terms of…fulfilling the assistants’ hunger and thirst, haha! 😀 We always had assistant meetings at Coffee Toffee, where Pak Tjandra and Bu Gelang would buy us any blended coffee we wish, plus whipped cream. Once Bu Gelang bought each of us Timbel Komplit at Ayam Tojoyo, another time Pak Tjandra bought us generous portions of delicious Chinese food for lunch, added with a big box of dried, cheesy Bakpia. Nyammm.

Done with the assistant thing. Next was lab! As a chemical engineer concentrated in bioprocess technology, my research involves microbe. Yaya. My research is about producing pigment (food colorant) from angkhak mold. Together with my partner, this is our 4th time trying to grow the Monascus mold successfully, after 3 times of failure. Please please Allah, let our Monascus grow beautifully and correctly. Amin. But the focus that I want to share is… the fact that we had the chance to be the first to try the new safety box! So this safety box is equipped with ultraviolet light to kill unwanted microbes, with special kind of glass and all. Ah, so happy! Sounds geeky, tho, but who cares. We engineers are cool B-)

Call me a happy lab worker
Tired lab worker trying to be happy

So that’s it for today. Me wanna go to bed, it’s midnight now. See you readers tomorrow! 🙂

Author: mfaradina

An Indonesian. A reliable realist outside yet a romantic dreamer at heart.

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