Best Mother-Daughter Lines

I decided to take the challenge on The Daily Post at Just Do It! I’ll keep on posting things for the next 1 week, this is the fifth day. :)

I love my mother. But that doesn’t mean that I’ve never had any quarrel with her. In fact, we had our major fight when I was 16. Our days are occasionally filled with sparks of arguments, including several days in this semester when I was having this neverending quarter life crisis.

Watching Gossip Girl Season 2 Episode 24, I have to say that these are the best mother-daughter lines I’ve ever watched in a film. I guess more or less I’m like Lily on this side, fulfilling the hopes and dreams of the mother, never had the chance to figure out what we really want in life, or even have the guts to do so. Slowly, I adapt those hopes and dreams that were initially imposed on me to be mine. They seemed to be obligation at first, but later on they become my personal goals. Nevertheless, one of Lily’s line comes as a slap-off for me and I just can’t agree more.

Well, I wanted to create my own destiny. But that would have meant losing you, and I was always too afraid to do that.

Cece’s line is also excellent.

What else does it mean to be a mother than to make sure that your child fulfills her destiny?

One of the most peculiar facts, tho, I’m pretty sure I want to mimic my mother’s child-raising method and implement it to my future children. I wonder if my future daughter and son will blame me for taking this safe side, but I can’t deny the fact that no matter how my mother hasn’t always done what’s best for me, I know she does that out of love.

I love her. I do. And I don’t want to love her less than she deserves.

Meanwhile, enjoy the whole conversation between Lily and Cece below. 🙂

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