My Frequently Visited Websites in 2012

I decided to take the challenge on The Daily Post at Just Do It! I’ll keep on posting things for the next 1 week, this is the sixth day. :)

So. I was a bit too curious to search for something that I almost forgot to blog today. I’m not gonna miss my chance of completing the challenge — it’s the sixth day now, yay! In the morning I actually wanted to write a long post, maybe somewhere along the line of ‘women empowerment’. I did also consider writing ‘why you should date a lady engineer’ but that may sound desperate, haha! 😀 Anyway, as I was busy browsing about this one particular subject (I won’t tell you what, but I assure you it’s been putting my analytical skills into test), my thoughts wandered through the end of the year and I decided to write about the list of websites I’ve been frequently visiting in 2012. Maybe you’re one of frequent visitors, too? 😀 Let the list goes on, then!

1. Thought Catalog

Thought Catalog

As the “About” page suggests, it’s “a place for relevant and relatable non-fiction and thought”. Well I have to agree, for most part. Mostly I come to this site when I’m on my quarter life crisis or “why am I still single” mode on. It provides a lot of (yes, actually, relevant and relatable) articles for 20-somethings. My favorite author is Ryan O’Connell. He may write a lot of stories on what I’d call self-lamentation, but it becomes quite of a therapy sometimes. After all, it helps to know that someone or many other people in this world actually do feel the same way about particular things, and Ryan perfectly captures this essence in many of his writings.

2. 8tracks

8tracks is a “handcrafted internet radio”. Anyone, absolutely anyone in this world can make their own mixes of songs in this website. As long as you have Adobe Flash Player, you’re good to go. What’s interesting is that you can combine different moods and find the perfect mix for that particular time of the day. My favorite combination is ‘study+chill’, ‘sleep+relax’, or a simple word ‘broken heart’. Haha call me melancholic. I also learn to listen to non-mainstream artists by listening to the mixes, and it’s great if you want to tune up your musical reference.

My first favorite mix in 8tracks is this.

The Quiet Noise
The Quiet Noise

As for favorite mixes, I’m a fan of katies here. I think she makes great mixes that are just perfect to be listened to when I’m alone at night browsing through random things or finishing my college tasks. I’m listening to one of her mixes now actually. 🙂

3. Skinnytaste

I’m not a good cook nor a good photographer, but all the recipes in this site is worth trying I think 🙂 It’s good for a growing young adult like me to start caring about food that I eat, and Skinnytaste provides healthy and low fat recipes to begin with. Not to mention the photos are candies for the eye!


4. Her Campus

I’ve long resisted to buy pop-culture magazines at nearby magazine kiosks. Maybe because every single woman’s magazine out there are plastered with advice on how to catch a man or horrible sex advices. Maybe I’m just searching for something between GoGirl and Cosmopolitan, as my age explains 😀 I’ve just discovered this website sometime before writing this post, but I think it’s fun. As the title suggests, the articles are written in accordance to the life of a college girl, so I can relate to its articles quite well.

Oh cute socks!
Oh cute socks!

5. WordPress

Well of course 😀 But being a recent blogger at WordPress, I came to understand why its different from any other blogging sites. I have Tumblr, but its filled with a lot of self-pitying posts I made for wasting time. You know, those writings about nothing but worth writing nevertheless. But in WordPress, I feel that this site accommodates my interest to actually write. Write something, write anything! Its “reblog” and “follow” features resemble Tumblr (actually I was a blogger at WordPress sometime in 2005 before these features appeared), but I have to say that the Site Stats, Freshly Pressed, Daily Post or Writing Challenge like this make WordPress stands out. This blogosphere simply motivates me to write, so thanks for that.

Freshly Pressed!
Freshly Pressed!

That’s all, top 5 of my frequently visited websites in 2012! What about you? 😀

Author: mfaradina

An Indonesian. A reliable realist outside yet a romantic dreamer at heart.

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