You only need simplicity to be happy

Today I decided to walk from home to campus. I refused to go with my twin brother and took of the risk of being the only one coming so early in the morning. I enjoyed every second spent in a more relax way — searched for the right outfit, poured fresh milk combined with muesli as my breakfast, actually had time to blow-dry my hair, put some lotion and my favorite Victoria’s Secret scent.

I’ve always been busy and done every morning thing in such a rush, but today it felt different.

I stepped outside the front door. I was greeted by familiar mid-age women while walking. At that time I realized that I haven’t interacted much with my neighbors recently. They asked why I was on foot today. I smiled – a genuine smile – and told them I just felt like doing it. They waved me goodbye.

Only one smile, but we rekindled the silaturrahim.

I walked across the housing complex. It was a beautiful morning. Sun didn’t shine too brightly, I could still smell the fresh morning air of Bandung. “I’m gonna miss this when I’m gone, when I have to leave this city to pursue my own life”. I watched an old women and a young maid, chatted while gardening. I heard the birds sang happily in between tight leaves of trees.

The simple beauty of nature.

I walked until I could stop an angkot nearby, but I didn’t. I moved to wherever my feet took me, breathed in and out. I half understood why I was in bad mood these past few days, and I did what I thought would heal: a long, therapeutic walk. Just like how I healed myself in similar situation, four years ago.

I had a better understanding of myself.

An angkot was very persistent – it stopped 3 times despite my attempts to say “no”. I stopped walking and took the offer, tho it was only 500 meters away from campus. I intended to take the long route and imagined the 16 year old me, when I walked here while praying, “Allah please grant my wish, I want to be a student of ITB”

I am now, and I’m about to go.

I went to Microbiology and Bioprocess Technology Laboratory, Chemical Engineering Study Program. I had, may as well be said, “fine and fun” experiment for my research today.

Always remember to put phenolphthalein instead of wasting pH meter strips or relying your life on automatic pH meter, unless you live in first world countries. Noted.

I wouldn’t remember anything about Valentine’s Day if kids at lab didn’t mention anything about it. I don’t understand why people actually do celebrate Valentine’s Day. More than one of my friends are currently celebrating the night with their special ones. Not that I’m jealous. I don’t have any significant other, but even if I do I won’t do such things. I said this quote to my friends today,

“A special day is only special when it is actually special. You don’t have to follow other people’s tradition or rituals. You make your own special days”

After lab I went to Perpus pusat to find literatures for plant design. You bet, I have to make a commercial enzyme plant. Like, seriously? Maybe you don’t have any idea how it’s that difficult. That’s okay. It was supposedly a daunting task, but I actually liked the smell of books and how the interior of the library is now that modern. It somehow adds another ‘longevity’ to read. I found some good and relevant books, too 🙂

People went to cafes, I went to my old pal, books.

Outside was raining quite heavily, but I loved rain. I always do. The sound it makes when it touches the ground, the smell of wetted lands, and the cold breeze it brings. The breeze never changes. Always the same, familiar flow that made me fell in love with this campus at the very first place, 6 years ago.

There’s just too many memories I’ve made here.

Mom came to my aid. I clung to her hands while she was driving, surprised of my sudden kiddo gestures. She brushed my hair with her nails and kissed me on my forehead. I could feel the warmth of her love. Sometimes it’s sheer, but it’s always been endless. And I couldn’t ask for more.

We stopped at a small kiosks and I bought chicken pineapple with rice. Another love of my life: Chinese food. How could I not be happy?

There are only 3 simplest things that can make me absolutely happy in this world: an enough time of night sleep, a long hot shower, and Chinese food.

Yes I’m that easy to be pleased. And whether it’s Valentine’s Day or not, I learn that you only need simplicity to be happy.

Oh and exactly two years ago, at this hour, I was on board in Etihad Airways’ plane with 17 fantastic delegates in the very beginning of our journey in USA.


I’m happy. Are you?


Author: mfaradina

An Indonesian. A reliable realist outside yet a romantic dreamer at heart.

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