Happy 64th Birthday, Papa!

Surprised him at midnight, made this birthday card

February 21, 2013. It’s Dad’s 64th birthday.

Dad has suffered from stroke for almost 8 years now, but he recreates the spirit of youth everyday. He carries on optimism  to balance mom’s pessimism. He’s always lived his life as if life has never been hard. That’s what makes him the happiest man on earth I’ve ever encountered.

Me and my twin’s wish for him this year is that we could travel around the world together someday. Maybe not literally around the world, as he’s sick. But at least for me, I want to go to Lincoln Memorial with my father. We unintentionally had a strikingly similar pose  in different time span. He pursued his master’s degree in USA in 1980s, no wonder USA has occupied a lot of my childhood stories. Being able to be with him in the place that we both have been to separately is a wish I’ve been echoing since I took this picture.

Lincoln Memorial, Washington DC, United States of America

He teaches me to dismiss my fears and that life is not all about doing what I have to do. That life is meant to be enjoyed by doing what I want to do. He often tells me to get some fresh air and clear up my head. And he says that I can be his little princess forever. Whenever it feels like my head is about to explode, I know I can always come to him and cuddle like he’s my personal big bear.

Happy 64th birthday, dad. Yes you’re old and sick and rotten, but your soul doesn’t wither a single fraction.

Your twins love you.

Author: mfaradina

An Indonesian. A reliable realist outside yet a romantic dreamer at heart.

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