On The Verge of August

Hello, Summer.

God’s timing never fails. And there’s a reason behind everything. Nothing was made out of the blue, and nothing was actually made for nothing. Same thing goes with life. With big power, comes big responsibilities. These are the things that I failed to see in the last few months, especially during these brink of sunny days.

I thank everyone who has made Summer bearable. Especially my little cousin, baby Rayna who has successfully shed away any tear that otherwise might have fallen. I hope life will be better from now on. After all, sinusoidal curve has always been my most relevant of all curves. Tell that to Euclid.

Till then, I’ll finish studying for kompre. I’m determined to make my Japan trip free of worries, and I’ll have to study hard to accomplish that.

Hope I’ll blog from The Land of Rising Sun in less than a week.

See you soon! (Insya Allah)

Pic from here

P.S. I’m still hoping to find someone to love (and who loves me back) before 2013 ends. Who knows? Maybe he (whomever he is) may show up after Summer ends. Amin to that. I seriously have developed this attitude of “come what may” when it comes to love.

Author: mfaradina

An Indonesian. A reliable realist outside yet a romantic dreamer at heart.

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