Separating Blog You from You You: Online Boundaries

Mmmhm. Privacy in blogosphere. Interesting!

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No matter what kind of blog you publish, you’re sharing some information about yourself. Yet even if you write a purely personal blog or are completely comfortable peppering posts with details about your life, you may want to shield some things from the internet’s prying eyes.

We often encourage you to use social networks and other online tools to help grow your blog — it’s a key part of growing traffic, and it brings in motivating feedback — but not every online space you frequent has to be connected to your blog. It’s time to think critically about managing your online identity.

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I Want To Explore With You

Spoil me with words that only lovers can say. Greet me good morning to assure that you’re safe and sound. Let me imagine the days and nights that you have to go through, so I can get a picture of how to be on your feet. I want to know how it feels to be you so I’ll know how to treat you well. Let me be the one who makes your day brighter, because I want to explore with you.

Count the days till you’re finally done with work. Cherish the time when both of us know that meeting someone in person is always better than just having phone calls. Turn on the video while we’re waiting for that day to come, exchange pictures of our habitats, and keep on updating each other, because only then do two hearts feel that loneliness may just be a myth. Make me feel the breeze of sea and let me guess the turbidity of a swamp. I’ll make you feel this chilly weather and pouring rain, because I want to explore with you.

Let us glide away on soapy hills. Face the uncertainty, and fight for what we think we deserve. Let us be the people we want to see, and let those personas break the already built walls. Tell me your fears and I’ll tell mine, but move cautiously through the closing doors, knowing that enough is never essentially enough. Understand that our paths may cross, but be prepared to defend the values we both hold so dear, because I want to explore with you.

Come ride on trains with me. Revisiting the past is a key to have a full understanding of the present. I want to know why and how you become the person I know, and I want you to understand why and how I’ve become the person you adore. Dissolve me into the people you knew, because then I can expect to be the person they think will be the best for you. Be a person so great that I can brag about, and you’ll see why I turn out to be competitive. Maybe I’m a fast train going on a mountain, but fear not, because I want to explore with you.

We drop the words on chatting lines, or you versus me in a night. Maybe you and I say things we shouldn’t say and we continue to fight. If no one surrenders then we’ll not be satisfied. Don’t let the mist cloud our judgment, so please be rational. Know that when words don’t come out as it should, it’s not the time to leave. I will miss you, and you will miss me too. Don’t leave if you just want to leave, because I want to explore with you.

Do good deeds and throw away a decent celebration, before this grace gets too far and too hard to swallow. But don’t do so before I settled myself well and had the time of my own life. I will notify if my heart can follow yours, as I am a firm believer of age that breeds wisdom. I want a passion that plays before anything is taken into being institutionalized. Maybe we still need to figure things out and be true to ourselves, but either way, we’ll find the perfect time for a perfect match, because I want to explore with you.

I want to wear the colour I cherish when I feel like myself. I want to wear a smile that shines better than you could ever tell. You should not shiver on your sneakers if you treat me well, as I shouldn’t be the one who’s been unwell. I may or may not return to you, but if I can be myself without a thought of change, then at that very moment of day, you’ll understand that I want to explore with you. 


Beri aku waktu untuk menjalani transformasi ini.

Karena hanya untuk sekali, aku ingin merasakan kebebasan yang sesungguhnya. Izinkan aku untuk berpikir, untuk mencerna, dan mengetahui apa yang ku inginkan. Tidak pernah ada waktu yang cukup untuk berkontemplasi dan memaknai tujuan yang kabur. Tidak ada kesempatan untuk melihat lebih jauh ke dalam. Selalu ada paksaan untuk mengekstrapolasi, tapi jika permintaan masih bisa diterima, berikanlah satu hal yang paling kuinginkan saat ini.

Mungkin aku hanya ingin lari dari semua ekspektasi yang harus selalu aku penuhi. Mungkin aku hanya ingin menemukan kebahagiaanku sendiri.

Karena itu, enyahlah, tolonglah.

Aku tidak minta dikasihani, aku tidak minta dipuji, aku juga tidak minta disakiti.

Aku hanya butuh waktu untuk diriku sendiri. Mungkin sekarang, mungkin nanti, mungkin kapan-kapan. Matikan lampu. Matikan musik. Matikan suara apa pun karena aku tidak ingin mendengarkan. Lapurkan pandangan secanggih mukjizat karena aku tidak butuh pertimbangan. Sesungguhnya aku tidak butuh kata-kata atau pemikiran yang lantang disuarakan…

karena yang ku butuhkan hanya senyap.